13 December 2016

Turkey Shoot Raises £1200

Season 2017 - 18 sees the 50th Anniversary of the opening of our rink at Hamilton and two events are being planned to specifically mark this milestone. An all day Opening Bonspiel on Saturday 16th September and a Gala Dinner at the Radstone Hotel on Saturday 25th November.

In order to raise funds for these events a Turkey Shoot took place on Sunday 4th of December. After a bit of a delay in order to allow the ice to freeze - well you couldn't have the turkey skiting about in water, could you - the first of 8 qualifying rounds began. On the ice, referee Drew Moffat kept things from getting out of hand, whilst in the lounge George Strang encouraged everyone to part with their cash ! To the bookies that is !
The Turkey complete with outstretched wings and a picture of Ice Rink President Drew Moffat where once its neck protruded was kindly supplied by Alastair Smith
As you can see Alastair was able to make a balaclava out of the birds neck to keep him warm on the ice.
The wiley bird proved somewhat elusive with not many stones getting too close or maybe the hacks were just too far away.

After the qualifying rounds the 8 finalists were auctioned off in the Lounge by George Strang, who excelled himself on this occasion. Not only did he manage to extract 40 quid from The Ice Rink Chairman who just happened to stick his head round the door at the wrong moment but also secured a very large bid (by Archie's standards anyway) for Christine Hall from none other than her father Archie Kerr !
Archie had the last laugh, however, when Christine beat everyone including bookies favourite Archie Craig to win the Turkey - a voucher for a fresh one I might add. Our picture shows father complete with daughter and handful of winnings.

Many Thanks go to the helpers on the day, fourteen in all, who kept things moving smoothly.
Including these two old hens who made sure nobody sneaked in without paying and everyone who came along for the fun
A few of whom are shown here