14 December 2016

2016 Lanarkshire Farmers Trophy

This years Farmers Trophy was jointly sponsored for the first time by local agricultural merchants Galloway & McLeod and fertilizer distributor Central Farmers Ltd. Thirty teams took part and the only surprise casualty of the section stages was the demotion of last years champion Willie Baird to the Low Road.
The High Road quarter finals produced four very tight matches. Murrayfield's Robin Aitken narrowly defeated Jim Goldie's team skipped by Billy Howat while George Strang and Craig Waddell beat former champions Keith Prentice and Hugh Neilson respectively. Both Games finishing 7 to 5. The real tight game was between Drew Moffat's team skipped by Robert Kirkland and Robbie Stevenson. After 8 ends the score was tied 4 shots each. Robbie's attempted guard with his last stone drew a tiny bit too much leaving Robert a narrow port to come through to win the game. He played the shot perfectly, scoring 7 shots in the process !
In the Low Road There were comfortable wins for Iain Fleming over fellow Douglas member John Trainer and Willie Baird over the Sponsor's team from Galloway & McLeod. In the other games John Duncan and his cue wielding pensioners managed to stay ahead of Douglas Burt and it took a suberb chap and lie from skip Dougie Reid to take the Jim Strang team through against Stirling's Andrew Hemming in an extra end.
The High Road semi-finals were both exciting games. George Strang scored twos in the 5th and 6th ends to beat Robin Aitken 7 - 5 and, in a very absorbing match, the young rink skipped by Craig Waddell  came out on top over Robert Kirkland. In the Low Road Dougie Reid beat Willie Baird 6 shots to 4 while a score of 5 shots in the 5th end was enough to take John Duncan through against Iain Fleming.
In the High Road Final Craig Waddell opened up a three shot lead after 3 ends eventually winning 7 - 2 while the Low Road final came down to the last two stones. John Duncan's guard drew a bit too much and Dougie Reid held his nerve with the take out to win.
High Road Winners 2016
l to r  Katie Allan of Galloway & McLeod, Jamie Allan lead, Craig Waddell skip, Cammy Smith 2nd and Kyle Waddell 3rd
High Road Runners Up
Katie Allan, George Strang skip, Willie Bryson lead, Alan Brown 2nd and Willie Cannon 3rd
2016 Low Road Winners
Katy Allan, Dougie Reid skip, Jim Strang 3rd, Drew Howie 2nd and Willie Craig lead
Low Road Runners up
Katie Allan, Willie Ralston 3rd, John Duncan skip, Duncan Hamilton 2nd and Norman Robertson lead

13 December 2016

Turkey Shoot Raises £1200

Season 2017 - 18 sees the 50th Anniversary of the opening of our rink at Hamilton and two events are being planned to specifically mark this milestone. An all day Opening Bonspiel on Saturday 16th September and a Gala Dinner at the Radstone Hotel on Saturday 25th November.

In order to raise funds for these events a Turkey Shoot took place on Sunday 4th of December. After a bit of a delay in order to allow the ice to freeze - well you couldn't have the turkey skiting about in water, could you - the first of 8 qualifying rounds began. On the ice, referee Drew Moffat kept things from getting out of hand, whilst in the lounge George Strang encouraged everyone to part with their cash ! To the bookies that is !
The Turkey complete with outstretched wings and a picture of Ice Rink President Drew Moffat where once its neck protruded was kindly supplied by Alastair Smith
As you can see Alastair was able to make a balaclava out of the birds neck to keep him warm on the ice.
The wiley bird proved somewhat elusive with not many stones getting too close or maybe the hacks were just too far away.

After the qualifying rounds the 8 finalists were auctioned off in the Lounge by George Strang, who excelled himself on this occasion. Not only did he manage to extract 40 quid from The Ice Rink Chairman who just happened to stick his head round the door at the wrong moment but also secured a very large bid (by Archie's standards anyway) for Christine Hall from none other than her father Archie Kerr !
Archie had the last laugh, however, when Christine beat everyone including bookies favourite Archie Craig to win the Turkey - a voucher for a fresh one I might add. Our picture shows father complete with daughter and handful of winnings.

Many Thanks go to the helpers on the day, fourteen in all, who kept things moving smoothly.
Including these two old hens who made sure nobody sneaked in without paying and everyone who came along for the fun
A few of whom are shown here

15 November 2016

2016 Lawrie Trophy Winners - Lesmahagow Ladies

Members of the Lesmahagow Ladies Team Being Presented with the Lawrie Trophy by Lanarkshire Ice Rink Club president Anne Hood
l to r Jane Armstrong, Nora Jackson, Alison Taylor, Anne Hood, Margaret Levack and Rhona McAlister
Making up the Team were Ann Howie, Rebecca Gardner and Elizabeth Miller

Tom Dickson Rosebowl Winners - Avondale Heather

 2016 Tom Dickson Rosebowl Winners Avondale Heather
l to r  Ian Archer, Graeme Allan, Archie Kerr and Alex Fleming

Biggar & Upper Clydesdale Bonspiel Winners - Dippool

Some of the Victorious Dippool Members with the Biggar and Upper Clydesdale Bonspiel Trophy
l to r Netta Merry, Ian Orr, Jim Sandilands, Eric Warren, Drew Walker and John Tough
Graham Walker and Philip Marsh made up the teams

Presentation to Margaret Richardson

After the Opening Bonspiel a Presentation was made to Margaret Richardson who played lead in Jackie Lockhart's victorious World Senior Ladies Team.
Unfortunately Isobel Hannan was on holiday and couldn't be present.

Opening Bonspiel 2016

Opening Bonspiel Winners

Jack Thomson, Alastair Smith and Christine Maxwell
(Gillian Haggart not in photo)

And at the Other End of the Heap !!

Jim Motion, Jack Hood, Alastair Hamilton and Lillias Tennant

22 September 2016

Message From Our Presidents


As your newly elected President of the Ice Rink Club I am delighted to say that we have plenty to look forward to during the coming season.  We will host our ever popular Burns Supper in February but we are also hosting a Turkey Shoot (December) and a Race Night (March) to raise funds for the Ice Rink’s 50th birthday celebrations next season.  Yes-we face the BIG 5-0!  As ever, I’m sure we can count on your continued support for the social events as socialising and curling certainly go together.
We all enjoy the wonderful facilities at Hamilton Ice Rink and I would encourage you to think about our facilities for private functions.
I look forward to meeting, and curling, with you during the forthcoming season.  Have a good season

Anne Hood

May I extend a warm welcome to all curlers for the 2016/17 season at Lanarkshire Ice Rink. For any curler there is a full program of events throughout the year including coaching sessions for beginners through to experienced, wheel chair and stick users. I look forward to meeting you all having fun curling at Lanarkshire Ice Rink.

Drew Moffat,  President Hamilton Ice Sports Club

2 September 2016

13 April 2016

Rotary Golden Jubilee Trophy

2016 Rotary Golden Jubilee Trophy Winners
John King, Alex Fleming, Willie Baird skip and Willie Craig

Hamilton Advertiser Mixed Trophy

Hamiton Advertiser Mixed Trophy Winners East Kilbride CC
Back i to r  Paul Murray 3rd and Norman Whitfield lead
Front l to r Amy Toal 2nd and Anne Craig skip

17 March 2016

Boyd Senior Finals Day 2016

The Semi Final line up for the 2016 Boyd Seniors saw Wishaw, skipped by Bob Parry take on East Kilbride & Haremyres, skipped by Jackie Craig and Bathgate, skipped by Bob Smillie up against Dippool skipped by Jim Sandilands. Both Wishaw and Bathgate got off to fast starts and dominated their semi finals.
In the evening 3rd/4th playoff game East Kilbride opened up a 6 shot lead after only 3 ends. Back came Dippool however, narrowing the deficit to just 1 shot with 2 ends to play. A score of 2 in the penultimate end steadied the EK ship however and Jackie Craig's rink finished in 3rd place overall with a score of 8 shots to 6.
The final was even more a game of two halves ! With only 3 ends to play Wishaw lead by 6 shots only to lose a three, a two and then another fatal two in the final end thus gifting the game to Bathgate.
Winners. Margaret Robertson 3rd, Eric Richardson of sponsors Boyd & Co, Bob Smillie skip, Norman Birrell lead and Jack Robertson 2nd

Runners Up. Scott Lumsden 3rd, Bob Parry skip, Bill Robison 2nd, Eric Richardson and Brian Cunningham lead.

Lanarkshire Ice Rink is indebted to Boyd & Co, Insurance Brokers for their continued sponsorship of this very popular competition.

15 March 2016

Super League Finals Day 2016

This seasons Super League Semi Finals brought together the two youngest teams in the competition and also two of the more experienced teams.
Game one saw Luke Carson play Kyle Waddell. Although Kyle's team were the undoubted favorites, Luke held his nerve throughout the game, winning 3 shots to 2.
The other Semi final paired the Avondale Heather rink skipped by Hugh Neilson against Stirlings Neil Murray. This turned out to be another very close contest with Hugh, one up playing the last end without the hammer, stealing one shot for victory.
In the final, a steal of two shots in the 3rd end gave Hugh a 3 shot lead which he never relinquished, winning 6 shots to 3.
The Runners up were Luke Carson skip, Scott Gibson 3rd, George McConnell 2nd and Iain Waddell lead
 The winning team with the Super League Trophy
Robert Kirkland 2nd, Hugh Neilson skip, Stewart Anderson lead and Don Frame 3rd

Bob Mackintosh Trophy

Twelve teams contested this years final Sunday competition for the Bob Mackintosh Trophy. The competition is played over 3 six end games with the winner being the rink that has scored the most ends. After some very close and exciting games it was Luke Carson's team which lifted the trophy.
John Carson 2nd, Luke Carson skip, Scott Lumsden lead and Scott Gibson 3rd with Hamilton Ice Sports Club President, Drew Moffat

8 March 2016

2016 Presidents Plate

The annual invitation bonspiel for the President's plate was held on Friday 4th March. 48 curlers took part in an afternoon of fun and friendship followed by an excellent meal.The Ice Rink is indebted to Presidents John Warnock and Drew Moffat for all their work in ensuring the success of the day.
Our picture shows Hamilton Ice Sports Club President, John Warnock with the winning rink.
Tom Allan skip, Audrey King lead, Richard Fergusson 2nd and Isobel Waddell 3rd.

2016 Galloway Trophy Winners

Upperward of Lanarkshire Curling Club Galloway Trophy
Winners 2016 Coulter CC
Jack Wight 3rd, Hugh Jackson Skip, George Moffat lead and Robert Stewart 2nd

1 March 2016

Biggar & District and Upper Clydesdale Province - Presidents Cup Winners, Douglas CC

David Clarkston, Doug Telfer, Graham Coke and Colin Graham

RCCC Rink Championship - Lanarkshire Qualifiers, Coulter CC

Our Representatives at the RCCC Rink Championship Finals
Forfar 4th - 6th March 2016
Andrew Clark, Bill Marshall, Bryce Smith skip and Jack Wight

TB Dick Trophy Winners - Coulter C.C.

 Alan Jackson lead, Colin Wight skip, Robert Stewart 2nd and Andrew Clark 3rd.

18 February 2016

2016 Mixed Invitation Weekend

Winners 2016 Mixed Invitation Weekend
Kate Henderson lead, Grieg Henderson skip, Alastair McIntyre 2nd and Brenda McIntyre 3rd