5 February 2020

Ladies Open 2020

Kindly Sponsored by AGZ Group
Winners Ladies Open 2020
Marion Craig skip, Hazel Smith 3rd, Linda Allan 2nd and Margo Smith lead.

Susan Kelsey skip, Morna Aitken lead, Fran Stretton 3rd and Vicky Gumley 2nd.

3rd Place
Susan Scougal 3rd, Valerie Ingles skip, Caroline Liddle lead and Fiona Doig 2nd.

4th Place
Lillian Carnegie lead, Sheilagh Macfarlane 2nd, Maggie Barrie 3rd and Margaret Richardson skip. 

19 December 2019

Duncan Johnston Final and Shareholders Christmas Bonspiel 2019

Duncan Johnston Winners
Margaret Richardson skip, Lynn Kenyon 3rd, Archie Kirkland 2nd and Richard Kenyon lead.

Shareholder Christmas Bonspiel Winners
Arthur Devine skip, Fiona Moffat 3rd, Alan Turner 2nd and Bill Holman lead.

18 December 2019

Lanarkshire Farmers Trophy 2019

Kindly Sponsored by CF Fertilisers and Galloway & McLeod Ltd

High Road Winners with Marie Allan (Galloway & McLeod)
Drew Thomson lead, Fraser Thomson 2nd, Robbie Stevenson 3rd and Grant Barr Skip

High Road Runners Up
Murray Stevenson lead, Alastair Smith 2nd, Billy Howat 3rd and Robert Clark Skip

Low Road Winners
Willie Bryson lead, George Strang Skip, Willie Cannon 4th and Alan Brown 2nd.

 Low Road Runners Up
Archie Kerr Skip, Tom Yuill 4th, Jimmy Jackson 2nd and Guy Campbell lead

31 October 2019

Ladies Open 2020

22 October 2019

Henderson Bishop 2019

13 April 2019

Marjory Fleming. Still Winning at Ninety !

Pictured is Marjorie Fleming (right) receiving flowers from President Margaret Rollo of Hamilton Ladies Curling Club. Marjorie has been Curling since the 1960’s and celebrates her 90th birthday in May. She is still winning prizes in Hamilton Ladies Curling Club and is looking forward to the new season

20 March 2019

When Scottish Curling decided to cancel this years Overs and Unders competition at fairly short notice, the Lanarkshire Ladies Section decided to run it anyway with the local teams that had entered.
Eight teams took part

The Winners were the rink skipped by Alison Taylor with Andrea Fox, Catherine Morrison and Rosalind Jamieson
Runners Up were the rink skipped by Anne Hood with Helen Millar, Liz Roden and Meg Dunbar

15 March 2019

Galloway Trophy

The Upperward of Lanarkshire Curling Club's Galloway Trophy knockout final was held on Thursday 14th March.
Lesmahagow Ladies came out on top after a very close match against Coulter, skipped by Andrew Clark
2019 Galloway Trophy Winners Lesmahagow Ladies
Margo Steele skip, Lucy Levack 3rd, Alison MacRae 2nd and Amanda Stewart lead

14 March 2019

East Kilbride and Haremyres Win the Boyd Senior League

The Semi Finals of the 22nd Boyd Senior competition saw Dippool take on Avondale Heather '2' and Wishaw versus East Kilbride and Haremyres. After a slow start the EK & H team with Willie Craig playing lead and skip and wife Jackie playing last stones scored five ends in a row winning 6 shots to 2.  The other semi was virtually identical with Dippool, skipped by Jim Sandilands coming from 2 down to win 8 shots to 2.
In both the 3rd / 4th place play off and the Final things seemed to be heading in the same one sided direction. In the former, Wishaw found themselves 6 - 2 down after 4 ends. Two threes and a one saw them 3 up playing the last end. Avondale Heather were not deterred however and played a solid last end, scoring 4 shots to take third place.
The Final proved to be even more up and down with EK & H holding a ten shots to one lead with just three ends to play. Dippool came back with four shots at each of the sixth and seventh ends and were lying 4 shots when Jackie played her last stone. If she was nervous she didn't show it and a superb shot to the four foot circle gave her victory.
The Winners
Jackie Craig 4th, Willie Dykes 3rd, Bill Gibson 2nd and Willie Craig lead & skip with Alan Turner, President HISC 

Runners Up Dippool
Eric Warren lead, John Tough 2nd, Jim Sandilands skip and Billy Sommerville 3rd

3rd Place Avondale heather '2'
Willie Kerr 3rd, Jim Motion skip, Gordon Graham 2nd and David Lockhart lead

4th Place Wishaw
Bob Parry skip, Bill Robison 3rd, Alastair Black lead and Paul Harding 2nd.

Lanarkshire Ice Rink are, once again, indebted to Boyd & Co for their sponsorship of this very popular competition 

2019 Mixed Weekend

Once again the Mixed Weekend was a resounding success and was enjoyed by all, if not on the ice then certainly off it!
Winners,pictured with competition Chairman Drew Moffat and HISC President Alan Turner
Eric Richardson skip, Douglas Kerr 2nd, Katie Richardson 3rd and Margaret Richardson lead.

Runners Up
Marjory McCulloch lead, Neil Murray 2nd, Jane McLaren 3rd and John Davie skip

3rd Place
Margo Smith lead, Alastair (where's my lager gone) Smith 2nd, Marion Craig 3rd and Archie Craig skip

4th Place
Billy Johnston skip, Elsbeth Johnston lead, Gordon Adams 2nd and Kate Adams 3rd.

27 February 2019

Lesmahagow Win the President's Cup

Biggar and District and Upper Clydesdale Province held their annual bonspiel for the President's Cup on the 21st February.
Pictured are the victorious Lesmahagow team of  Tom Steele, Gordon Gilchrist, David Haggart and Iain callan

3 January 2019

Yett Trophy 2018

This year 18 teams contested the Yett Trophy. After much fun, both on and off the ice, Andrew Neilson's team prevailed over that of Connor Ballantyne in an exciting final.

Once again, the Ice Rink are indebted to the Smith family and, in particular, Bryce Smith for their efforts in sponsoring this long running family competition.
Michael McReadie 2nd, Ellie Murray lead, Andrew Neilson skip and Aileen Neilson 3rd

Runners up
Connor Ballantyne skip, Ena Smith 3rd, Margaret Ballantyne 2nd, and Colin Ballantyne lead

13 December 2018

Lanarkshire Ladies Invitation Bonspiel 2018

Once again the Lanarkshire Ladies Invitation Fancy Dress Bonspiel was a great success with 16 teams taking to the ice. This years theme was 'Yellow'.
Marie Curie were this year's charity recipients and over £1000 was raised.
The Ladies Section are very grateful to sponsors Mondo and AGZ Engineering Group
 Section A Winners
Isobel Waddell, Carole Marsh, Alison Taylor and Marion MacDonald
 As the ' Jam Tarts ' they also won the overall Fancy Dress prize

Fancy Dress Runners-Up
Audrey King, Jackie Craig, Marie Baird and Caroline Morrison

Runner-up Section A
Stella Cassidy, Agnes Strang, Andrea Fox and Margaret Neilson

Winners Section B
Rosalind Jamieson, Catherine Morrison, Margaret Brown and Colette Maule

Runners-up Section B and Fancy Dress 3rd Prize
Christine Hall, Isobel Tait, Karolyn McPherson and MaryAnne Hall

Lanarkshire Farmers Trophy 2018 sponsored by Galloway & Mcleod and CF Fertilizers

 2018 Lanarkshire Farmers Trophy Winners
Andrew Galloway lead, John Steven 2nd, Margaret Ferguson (Galloway & McLeod)
Calum Harvie skip and Brian Fleming 3rd.
 High Road Runners-up
Robert Tait 4th, James Tait 3rd and skip, Margaret Ferguson (G & McL)
 Isobel Tait lead and Alan Hall 2nd 
Low Road Winners
James Moffat 3rd, John Hyslop lead, Margaret Ferguson (G & McL)
Bryce Smith skip and Gordon Gilchrist 2nd
 Low Road Runners-up
James Morrison lead, John King 2nd, Margaret Ferguson (G & McL)
Hugh Guthrie 3rd and James Dykes skip
 Ladies Prize Winners
Jackie Craig skip, Helen Drummond 3rd, Alison Taylor 2nd,
Audrey King lead and Margaret Ferguson (G & McL)
Lanarkshire Ice Rink is once again indebted to our sponsors, Galloway & McLeod and CF Fertilizers
Pictured are Margaret Ferguson and Marie Allan from Galloway & McLeod receiving flowers from Hamilton Ice Sports Club President, Alan Turner

31 October 2018

Swedish Ladies at Hamilton

Here are some pictures (courtesy of Lyn Kenyon) of the Swedish Ladies Visit to Hamilton.
To view them all visit  Swedish Tour Photos

Fireworks at Hamilton Ice Rink !!

Marion Craig Wins the Henderson Bishop Qualifier

Runners Up
Elaine Semple skip, Carole Marsh 3rd, Linda Allan 2nd and Margo Smith lead

Aileen King lead, Marion Craig skip, Alison Taylor 3rd and Audrey King 2nd.