13 December 2018

Lanarkshire Farmers Trophy 2018 sponsored by Galloway & Mcleod and CF Fertilizers

 2018 Lanarkshire Farmers Trophy Winners
Andrew Galloway lead, John Steven 2nd, Margaret Ferguson (Galloway & McLeod)
Calum Harvie skip and Brian Fleming 3rd.
 High Road Runners-up
Robert Tait 4th, James Tait 3rd and skip, Margaret Ferguson (G & McL)
 Isobel Tait lead and Alan Hall 2nd 
Low Road Winners
James Moffat 3rd, John Hyslop lead, Margaret Ferguson (G & McL)
Bryce Smith skip and Gordon Gilchrist 2nd
 Low Road Runners-up
James Morrison lead, John King 2nd, Margaret Ferguson (G & McL)
Hugh Guthrie 3rd and James Dykes skip
 Ladies Prize Winners
Jackie Craig skip, Helen Drummond 3rd, Alison Taylor 2nd,
Audrey King lead and Margaret Ferguson (G & McL)
Lanarkshire Ice Rink is once again indebted to our sponsors, Galloway & McLeod and CF Fertilizers
Pictured are Margaret Ferguson and Marie Allan from Galloway & McLeod receiving flowers from Hamilton Ice Sports Club President, Alan Turner