13 December 2017

Lanarkshire Farmers Trophy 2017

Twenty four teams contested this years Farmers Trophy which was, once again generously sponsored by CF Fertilizers and Galloway & MacLeod.

The Low Road Final was between John Trainer and three time Farmers Trophy Winner, Hugh Neilson. After 4 ends Neilson led by 3 shots to 2. A score of 3 to Trainer in the fifth hinted at an upset. The Neilson team rallied however with 4 shots in the 6th end and finished 10 - 5 winners.
Hugh Neilson skip, Don Frame 3rd, Alan Neilson lead and Jamie Allan 2nd.
Andrew Clark 2nd, Doug Telfer lead, Kerr Findlay 3rd and John Trainer skip

The High Road Final saw Drew Moffat's team skipped by Robert Kirkland take on James Tait who had son Robert throwing last stones. In the Knock-out Drew had beaten Ice Rink Directors Bryce Smith and Ian Fleming to reach the final while James had beaten the highly fancied Robbie Stevenson from Fife and Andy Hemming from Stirling.
At the half way point Tait led by 5 shots to 2. Kirkland then rallied scoring 2 in the fifth then taking singles in the next two ends to lead by 6 shots to 5 after 7 ends. Tait was forced to take 1 shot in the eighth leaving Kirkland with the hammer in the extra end. On the hack with that stone he faced one shot. Sadly his attempt to remove it over curled, missed the target and left James the winner. It had been a really good final with some great shots by both teams.
Isobel Tait lead, Alison Paterson 2nd, Robert Tait 4th and James Tait 3rd and skip
Robert Kirkland skip, Andrew Neilson 3rd, Drew Moffat 2nd and Libby Marshall lead

Lanarkshire Ice Rink would like to thank both CF Fertilizers and Galloway & MacLeod for their continued sponsorship of this very enjoyable competition