28 December 2017

Yett Trophy 2017

The 39th family competition for the Yett Trophy once again provided fun and entertainment for all the families involved. There was no shortage of skill on display, from the very young to the not so young !
As normal there was a prize for the youngest boy and girl competitor. This year both were in prizewinning teams - Lindsey Haggart aged 11 in the Runner-up team and Findlay Rutherford aged just 8 in the 3rd place team.
Winners Michael McReadie lead, Andrew Neilson 3rd, Daisy Neilson 2nd and Aileen Neilson skip

Runners-up Gillian Haggart 2nd, Lindsey Haggart lead, Alan Turner 3rd and David Haggart skip

Third Place Gary Rutherford skip, David Rutherford 3rd, Findlay Rutherford lead and Fiona Rutherford 2nd

Lanarkshire Ice Rink are once again indebted to the Smith family and, in particular Bryce Smith for all the effort put in to make this competition such a success, and also Iain Buchanan for arranging substitutes from the Junior Club.